Could someone please explain this, too me!!!

Hello all, I have been watching the new stories around the country and I have notice an alarming fact or should I say a discrepancy in how differently minorities are treated in the news and in our judicial system than the majority.  Could someone please explain how in the world did a white man get off with a double homicide in Texas by  killing in cold blood two Latin/Mexican men (might as well been blacks) and shooting them in the back while they were running from the white man’s neighbor house.  Needless to say they were burglarizing the home, but did that warrant them getting shot in the back and this older white man getting off free.  No, I don’t think so….  Another example of how minorities are treated in the press and court system, a black man in New Jersey shot and killed a Italian youngster who was with a gang of young men that was threatening the black man and his family in his own front yard.  The black man shot and killed the young Italian and was charge with 1st or 2nd degree murder, was found guilty of a lesser charge and was sentence to 2 years in prior.  Please note two different parts of the county and two vastly different outcomes.  However, this man and his family were directly threaten by these young men, who were on his property.  I don’t agree that he had to kill the young man, but he did have a right to protect his family.  And lastly, in Lake County, Ca three black men performs a home invasion on a white man and his family, who by the way were in the business of selling marijuana.  The family was woken up to shotguns pointed in their faces and the sight of the family children being hit in the head with an aluminum baseball bat and suffering brain damage till this day.  However, as the white man was able to some how fend these robbers off he shot two of them in the back and walk over to one of them and stood over him and shot again.  The 3rd suspect that got away (from being murdered) and until later got caught has now been charged with all the crimes, including the murder of his own friends.  Meanwhile the white man who shot and kill the young black men is not being charge with no crime and to add insult to injury the NAACP was turned down twice by the county prosecutors office and the California Supreme Court in charging the white man with some type of crime.  Oh, By the way the white man said it was funny killing the black men and he laughed when he saw one of them dying in the streets because his pants fell while he was running for his life.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t condone none of these killings, robberies and violence, but does it really have to end in murder, cold blooded murder.  Some say self-defence, but how could it be self-defence when people are getting shot in the back?  The only one close to that was the black man in New Jersey and it was directly in harms way and he gets prison time for defending his family.  The white men get off with no criminal charges at all.  Someone has to pay for these crimes and I don’t know who it will be, but someone is going to pay.


One Response to “Could someone please explain this, too me!!!”

  1. What you have to understand is every State has it’s own set of laws. In this matter Lawyers are good liars; so therefore, who ever can manipulate the system are the ones who get a fair trial! Sad but true.
    The Law is reason free from passion.

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