Yeah, Yeah it’s been a while since I last posed something, but hey I was recuperating from Game six of the NBA Finals where the Fakers…. Oppppps I mean Lakers got their behinds handed to them by the Celtics.  I just want to let everyone know that I did say the Celtics were going to win at the beginning of the season, but since I had no idea the Fakers would make it and them being my team since the age of 12, I had to roll with them.  I know I might catch some flak for this one, that’s what the Fakers get for having a team full of foreign players on the roster.  i know, i know, by no means am I being racist or anything like that.  It’s just in my opinion and I am entitled to an opinion I believe the Boston Celtics had more heart than the Fakers because when it was time for the Celtics players to step up, whether a vet or a new-by they did and in a big time way.  When it was time for the Fakers to step up, they disappeared behind the backboard, literally being pushed behind the backboards.  What kind of basketball they were playing is not know to me, but they certainly didn’t show any heart in the matter.  Enough of those losers and by the way Kobe is now 3-2 win he goes to the finals, MJ was 6-0.  So, enough with the MJ comparisons, OK.


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