I’m back!!!!!!!

Hey all, I’m back from a little vacation I took for my birthday to Las Vegas for memeorial day and let me tell you I had a ball. My girl and some of her friends and family went and met some of my family and we kick it hard. OMG!!! Let me tell you it was one of the greatest times of my life. I believe we stay up for at least 48 hours straight, we were so tired , but we kept it going like when Jesus turn water into wine, LOL. We shopped, ate, drank and partied the whole time there, oh and yeah we gamble a bit, but I felt like Vegas didn’t want to give no money up so we gambled sparingly. We went to the 2 clubs in Caesar’s Hotel that was off the chain. Didn’t have any problems, the atmosphere was hella cool and we partied like rock stars baby, let me tell you. Did I mention the women, WHOA!!!!!!!!! It was a lot of them down there looking good, but you know my sweetheart and I were there showing them how it’s suppose to be done. Overall, it was great times, something I will remember for a long time.

Check this out, I got in contact with some old friend I haven’t heard from or seen in like hella years, a couple of college buddies of mine and we have planned to go back to LAS VEGAS for no other than…… the 4th of July weekend and let me tell you this, It’s about to go down again, we’s going to tear down Vegas and keep the party going. Anyway here are some pic from my b-day trip.

BTW, I seen Suge Knight at the club and dude is tall, but he has lost some weight, still very intimidating tho because he had some big ass dudes with him.


One Response to “I’m back!!!!!!!”

  1. Looks and sounds like y’all had sooo much fun, I haven’t been able to let loose like that in a long time! I’ve been planning on a trip to Vegas (next year though), you’ll have to let me in on the hot spots…I’m here in my 4×4 cubicle reading about your Vegas trip with my mouth open, lol.

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