Don’t have much to say on this either way, wait…. I would be lying to you if I said that. There are two trains of though going through my mind right now. First, being so that I’m just a human being much like all of you reading my blog today I try not to pass judgment on my fellow human beings because I believe in a higher power who will someday judge us all. Secondly, being so that this society we live in right now is so politically correct and are easily persuaded to believe just about anything, I would have to say I am happy for the Gays in California. They are human too and deserve all the rights of anyone else in this great country. However, that’s the politically correct version of it all. Being so I believe in only one true God, who gave his only begotten son to die for OUR SINS, I must say this… let the Gays lives there lives and don’t not throw stone because as you may judge, so shall you be judge. Make no mistake about it I don’t condone it in any shape or form, but we live in a society where we have freedom and the price of that freedom is high, really high. We must understand that this country was build by MEN, who believed in Jesus and build this great county on the basic principles of the Holy Bible, but still degraded women, enslaved African’s, murder the Native Indians and drop an Atomic bomb on the Japanese. So, for the price of freedom we have today and the countless other religions we let come and enjoy this price of freedom, how can we sit back and say keep your God in your home county. NO… everyone has a choice and what you chose let no man take from you because in the end you will be the only one who will have to answer for your choices and the funny thing is, whoever your God is you might not even believe in judgment. That’s the beauty of it all, that’s why Jesus die for me, so that I could have a choice. So, let the Gays have their choice as well and let everyone in this society continue to pay for these freedoms that we oh so love and admirer until the day we will be judged. In the end I guess we will all see.



  1. Oooh Steve, you sure know how to stir up some emotion. I had to sit back and think about how I felt about the issue when I saw it first on the news, and i’ve never been one to judge gays but I will say that the sight of 2 people of the same sex raising children seems a tad out of order. I think the issue of Gay Marriage creates more issues and questions to things I don’t think America has the answer to because of the separation of church and state. What happens in custody cases, divorces, how does it affect children? I just don’t want to be de-sensitized to it all because I still feel that it is morally wrong. See this is something that I could go on and on about but can’t….Thought provoking post

  2. Gay marrige In my opinion Is not about equality. It is more so about superiority- Look at us we are better than you. But beyond that there really is a small precentage of Gay men who really want to marry I think its the older gay women who really want to do it. Young Gay men are all about the here and now, who’s pants can I concour? and so on. But let them marry if they wish they will face the dame challanges that every straight couple will face. Be careful what you wish for! In a couple of years after this trend really takes off and the statistics begin to wash in we will see that the contract of Marrriage they have entered in will end in disaster as so many straight couples. I’ m guessing that the divorce rate will near 90 percent. But Know one will expose these nasty break ups and the detriment they will couse to their adopted children, if they have any, zit will this societies media will only continue showing off the glitz and glamour of the gay life stlye.

    And what of the kids they have. We don’t have any stats on children raised by gays do we? I suppose if they are out there they have already been minipulated by the powers that be to show stability and sanity. My opinion and experiece says that Gay men and Gay women don’t raise straight children they raise inherantly gay children. Why? because children in a loving enviroment always imitate their parents. So why would they engage in any other lifestlye. aside from the saving hand of
    God why do drunks breed drunks, or junkies breed junkies, or promiscuous parents breed promiscuous children, or racist parents breed racists? etc.

    So let me end this by saying this: if we continue to normalize this behaviour which God says is not then in less than twenty years we will be stairing down the scope of an entire Homosexual society, One much like that found in Sodom and Gammorah and its sattelite towns. We may stand idlely by and say, well, let them have their choice. But I know that eventually they will fill up their iniquity befor God and he will intervene!
    I believe that we may be seeing the beginning of that intervention in California this year. Why else would 15,000 fire fighters from 41 states be in capable of stopping the fires?

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