Why didn’t we hear about this?????

I’m back, sooner than expected.  Sure hope all is well out there.  Haven’t caught any slack of my previous post, as of yet.  Anyhow, let’s get to the topic.  I came across this article today concerning the topic of my previous post.

News worthy article, Why haven’t we heard about this?

I’ll tell you why, because the next president of the United States isn’t concerned with getting into the mud slinging, name calling and negative he-said, she-said that has ruined our nation up to this point in history.  The next president of the Uniter States is more concerned with making a fundamental change in this country that is needed to pull us out of being on the brink of a modern day Great Depression.  Not following the same old good ol’boys solution to things like have us look one way and lie to us about a war that should not have taken place and is the main reason why we are in a terrible time in the US history as I write this blog.  The next president of the United State is going to tell you the truth and give you honest solutions to problems and issues that WE face as a nation.  The next president of the United States will not undermine the nations intelligence and will respect what the people are saying and the people of the nation are saying WE want, no WE NEED CHANGE, NOW.


One Response to “Why didn’t we hear about this?????”

  1. This is exactly the campaign that Barack Obama has been running and has stood by since becoming a Senator in 2000. These other candidates have started to jump on the band wagon because of the momentum and feedback he’s received.

    Your point about seperating church and government has been the case over the past several years and will be the case again time-and-time again in the future. But, we have to hope that the people of our great nation wise-up and see the game and learn from it. That’s why I hope that Obama is our presidential elect, because it will be a time of revival, of our society realizing the smoke-screens and hypnotism we’ve been under.

    And one day, we will be a country governed by the standard/general/across the board morals and values we receive in church and not by political games and a government made up of personal interests and necessitated values.

    Good blogs Bra!

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