Divide and Conquere

Well, well I’m here again to stir up some trouble, oops I mean truth. So much has been said about the Democractic Nomination and it’s candidates and the people that are associated with them. So much has been done in the form of dirty polictics and mud wrestling contest that I just don’t know. First off let me start by saying this, there’s a really good reason why the term “Separation of church and state” is so important when the founding father build this beautiful country, with the help of free labor of course. I know, I tend to veer off. The reason for the separation of church and state is because of three things: Money, Power and Respect. Please note that these 3 things are also the reason why countries go to war. Anyhow, that is the back drop of what they want you to see and beleive. Let me ask you this, if a man is a Christian and he runs for the governors office and is elected and has a job to do that he knows is wrong. Which one do you think he will pick, with his Christian morals in the back of his mind, he knows to be right and true or his job for the government that calls for him to go against everything has believes in and lives for? Well, don’t be suprised because it happens everyday and people do what they know is wrong, just for the sake of being accepted and honored by their peers. The facade of this great nation of our being separate from the state is nothing more than the glass ceiling of the American Dream. Sure they tell you this, but when it come down to it and you have to make clear and distinctive choice between your beliefs and you job opportunity, many people chose their careers.

I said all that to say this, once a person make that choice they have separated themselves from the flock and it is to be realized that your not the same person you were before. For example, the police officers Sean Bell verdict and case. They made a choice and when you look at those officers you may say “how could they put this as being racist?” Well, let me tell you a little something about people who takes oaths for office or career. Police officers, Military personnel, Jugdes, Attorney’s anyone who have to take an oath made a choice and pledge their legions to the state and not God. These people have been trained and groomed to perform such task as their jobs required. In the military you are broken down and build back up they way they want you to be. You lose all sight to what is right or wrong. Sure, 2 of the police officers in the case where of some type of African background, but that doesn’t mean that it still wasn’t racially motivated or that the stereotype of black males (racially profiling) didn’t come into play. Come on, you can’t seem to think that if that was a group of young white males that those cops would have shot them 50+ times. You really can’t believe that, can you. Well, some people do and my response to that is for those same people to show me a case where that did happen and I’ll show you police officers who are serving prison sentences. PERIOD.

In closing, don’t be fooled into thinking that there’s separation between the two foundations in which our country was build on Church and government because it’s not, if that were the case then a lot things that happen in this country the good Christians of back in the day wouldn’t have let certain things happen.





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