Good Point Katt!!!!!

What’s Happening people’s, I hope all is well. I’m dog tired right now because I step out of my normal routine and went out on a week night, but for good reason. I went to see Katt Williams and let me tell you he is a DAMN FOOL. Oh, he touched on a variety of things, but the one thing he said that stuck was his take on the Presidential Election. He made some good points like how Hilary is so freaking confident that she hasn’t put in all that much effort into her campaign because she feels she’s a shoe-in to be the democratic nominee, he said she acts like she has ran a couple of countries before, like she has the experience of being president. Good point, because if I recall it was Mr. Bill Clinton who ran this county for 2 terms and did it very well up until his lame duck years when they tried to impeach him, which brings me to another point Katt made. How in the hell are we going to allow you to run this country and it’s world and domestic affairs, when Mrs. Clinton, you couldn’t/wouldn’t or didn’t have any interest in taking care of your president husbands sexually needs. I guess my blog about relationships goes even further than what I thought. How can we say with a straight face, that hey I know she can get the job done, when your not even giving your husband a helping hand or study and active employment. Man, someone tell these people out here that if your are in a relationship and someone likes fellatio or cunnilingus (Don’t know the meaning, look it up) and your not willing to provide these services, guess what stuck up ass, don’t know how to take care of the one you suppose to love, they’re going to find someone you can. Please believe it, there’s no doubt about it, it’s not about why will they, it’s about when they will and best believe me there are people out there who have no problem in providing them that service and will do it well. People got it so twisted now-a-days it make no sense to be living this way, just think that was on a presidential level, WOW. I don’t blame Old Bill, I feel your pain man.


4 Responses to “Good Point Katt!!!!!”

  1. FallenStarNBabylon Says:

    You should’ve stayed home and kept your money in your pocket. Wasn’t that one of your resolutions?

    How does any of us truly know what Hillary was and was not giving Bill Clinton? What makes him breaking vows more important? He could just have been a greedy and cocky bastard.

    Having to run a country and handle world affairs has no bearings on her sexual abilities or inabilities… How can you say with a straight face that Obama can do the job? Why cause he’s a black man with a supposed big dick? man….

    By the time two individuals get to the relationship part, the sexual likes and dislikes should have already been discussed and fine tuned. If after the first month of dating you wishy washy folk have not declared your do’s and don’ts…you fresh outta f*ckin luck and deserve to have dry draws.

    Also, the last four lines in your commentary seem very contradictory to the sentiments in your blog about relationships…Rational like that, lead real relationships with potential to crumble. Wouldn’t you say…?

  2. WOW!!!!! Where did that come from “How can you say with a straight face that Obama can do the job? Why cause he’s a black man with a supposed big dick?” Ummmm let’s see where to start. First off, lighten up he’s a comedian and for that matter there is a thing called freedom of speech. Secondly, it has nothing to do with your stereotypical remarks about a Blackman and his genitals, weird. The point is we really don’t know what can run the country better, but giving the track record of both the Bush’s and the Clinton’s I would rather give someone new a try at it. For the record, I don’t support Obama because he might have a big dick, that’s really gay.

  3. BTW, as for my resolutions. The tickets were a valentine gift….. 🙂 Hell Yeah!!!!!

  4. FallenStarNBabylon Says:

    LMBAO…Smooches man….it’s all luv.
    I didn’t mean to scare Nah… yea yea yea.. I get he’s a comedian. And as for Obama’s member…lmao I didn’t mean to infer that – that was your position.Not be any stretch of the imagination.

    As for your vday gift:lol 🙂 It’s all good man.

    I’ll be back tomoro to give u more grief.

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