Let me upgrade YOU!!!!!

Well, I done finally did it.  I done move up like the Jefferson’s, I don’t have a kiddie cell anymore.  I’m a grown man now!  I finally broke down and got with the times, I purchased a Blackberry Curve from T-mobile and let me tell you it’s everything and more.  I’m the techie type anyway, so this cell, no wait calling it a cell doesn’t do it justice, this Super-Grown-Man-Personal-Assistant-Media-Player-Internet-Email and anything else you can think of device has it all.  It’s the next best thing since slice bread.  I have been spending days trying to figure out how all the bells and whistles work on it, I have been neglecting my kids, woman and friends.  I know that’s ashame,  but com’on give me a break I have a new toy.  Oh, wait I’m suppose to be grown.  I have a new device that gets me through my day and I luv it.  I am constantly connected to my email, text and internet whenever I want it (Unless there’s an outage like the one this week, when I just got the device and didn’t really know how to work it).  That would have pissed me off too, now I see why all those people were mad on the news.  My next thing is going to be an Iphone, which I think I also one of the coolest things ever made, but for the price and the monoploy Apple is trying to push out on the masses, I would just get it to hack and reverse engineer it so it will work on my network (World Domination).  I know getting to technical, sorry bout that I tend to do that sometimes.  any who, I mean Anyhow, (what black man do you know actually says any who?), I’m at a happy place right now, yeah maybe I signed my life away for the next 2 years, but hey what the hell, I’ll have coverage and internet along the way.


3 Responses to “Let me upgrade YOU!!!!!”

  1. too funny, i’ve had my phone for BB curve for about 5 months now and it truly is the best thing ever…how on earth did i ever make it without this phone is truly beyond me, but the two of us shall never part i tell you. i even knick named mine “chocolate” tho it’s grey, but i figure that it was just as sexy as i am…lol…i sit at work all day long on the BB messenger to my cousin, it’s crazy! we barely talk on the phone anymore because of this instrument of technology. I feel you my brother and welcome to this new world!

  2. I know right, I don’t know what have i been doing with those other cell’s but i know 1 thang for sho and 2 fo certain I ain’t leaving it alone (Ebonics 101)

  3. FallenStarNBabylon Says:

    Look at you and R… jus sad I tell ya!lmao…Cuz I have one too!!!
    Boy o Boy, I barely got any work done on the tation cuz of this device…Be careful, its addictive! Worse than HeRon and Crack – so I hear of course..lol

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