What is the meaning of being in a RELATIONSHIP?

Hey my peoples, how’s it goes? I have been doing just great, as good as I suppose to be I guess ;(. Anyway, I sent an email to all my people talking about a blog post from a dude on XXlmag.com talking about that new song INDEPENDENT by a dude name Lil Bossie and the plight of the relationships between black men and women. This got me wondering about the true meaning of being in a relationship. See first off, men and women are different, not all that different from what society wants you to believe, but we are biologically, emotionally and physically different sure. However, I truly believe we all want the same things as people in general. We all want happiness, stability and a foundation to build upon, but we approach it in different ways. Women are emotional beings that wear their feeling like a chip on their shoulder. Men on the other hand are physical, we look past emotion and straight to the ass. What everyone seems to forget is that in this rat race to find the perfect husband or wife we all have ulterior motives that we feel is the means to the end. It very simple and basic, men want women who can nourish a household, meaning taking care of the house, the kids and him. Women want a men who can provide monetary substances to help them in building a home, allow them (the woman) to attached to them emotionally and make a house a home (the foundation). However, in this independent age of the women and how society is today, men are not alone in being the breadwinners for monetary needs women have to get out there and add to the pot. Women now have to be able to hold a household down by themselves because good black men are far and few. The women to men ratio is so high for men that it’s like a buffet of women to choose from (not calling you food). I’m getting into another subject, let me get back on track… What I’m trying to say is this, there’s an old saying “What you did to get me, is the same thing you have to do to keep me”. With all this independent stuff, all it’s doing is separating the households because we don’t want to remember our place in the relationship. Men can’t be women and women can’t be men, we both need each other for different reasons. All men want is to be treated like a KING and women want to be treated like a QUEEN, but how can we accomplish this if we are separated and don’t know how to treat each other. Women, it’s OK to bow down to your man, cater to him make him remember the reasons why he fell in love with you, Men it’s OK to place your woman up high and treat her with dignity and respect. This is a give-to-get situation we are in and if no one is giving, then no one is going to get it. Stop banging your head against a brick wall, someone has to give in, because in the end we all are going to loose out.

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8 Responses to “What is the meaning of being in a RELATIONSHIP?”

  1. I like your photos. So unique

  2. Thanks

  3. that was pretty deep and i feel you. With the woman to man ratio being so high, men do indeed feel as though they don’t need to settle into a relationship without seeing what is out there. Forgive my language, but pussy is pussy is pussy. it “might” seem different at first, but it’s all the same in the end. Find a good woman, settle down and get about your business of being a grown man and having grown man responsibilities. Speaking from a single mother side, i’ve yet to meet anyone worthy of my time. I am independent by circumstance, not my choice. if i met a good man, the knew how to be a good man, then i would allow him to be king of my castle, but those men are very very few and far between, leaving way to many women out there to fend for themselves, so when they finally do meet someone, they’ve been holding down their own for so long, that it becomes truly hard to give it up to their man.

  4. Thanks for your reply, I just try and put it out there, you know sometime my blog is my therapist. Thanks again for reading.

  5. FallenStarNBabylon Says:

    I get what your saying and agree with a few points. But men will forever hang there hat where they can’t reach it. They’re always screaming about wanting a good woman, yet because you go for Beyonce body mami, you end up with a freaking baby momma – whom you can’t stand by the time the child is born. Bow down? yeah ok… And that’s not going to get us anywhere except caught out there and left hanging. We’ll forever be on this vicious cycle of a rat race called relationships/dating. Yea, I’m a cynic, at this rate, optimisim isn’t getting me very far.

  6. I feel what you are saying too, but by ending the vicious cycle do you go bat for the other team? No, first off I don’t believe in that and secondly that’s what relationship are about sacrifice and compromise, isn’t that the true rat race finding someone who you can put up with and no choke the hell out of. Someone who feels the same way you do about the situation or at least someone is is willing to work on it, but then comes the old age question. How much is enough, how long do you try to sacrifice and compromise to no avail, still in the same situation, UNHAPPY. Just plain stuck?

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