Well, I must say that I did stick to my resolutions really, really well for at least 4 days or until the weekend came. However, I didn’t spend too much money and I didn’t drink as much, but I did go a full 4 days without smoking, I really did. I came to the realization that I can stop and I have stopped smoking before if you can believe that. I stopped smoking Newports, you know the Blackman’s Kryptonite. I did that cold turkey, so this is going to be easy for me once I put my mind to it. I figure I will slow and gradualy ween myself off of them, like I didn’t have one all day yesterday, until I got off work and had a therapy session with my brother and a good friend named Jack. That’s pretty much the only time I really, really want to smoke is when my good friend Jack comes over. I know I’m going to beat this addiction because I know I can and have before, so pray for me ya’ll, I got some trouble times ahead of me.

Other than that I’m good, just trying to be me and do me. Finding myself thinking about the past and wondering how fast time is passing us by. I have grand parent that are still alive til this day who are elderly, but you wouldn’t know this unless they told you. They aren’t the healthiest, but they can still get around without any real help, thank Jesus. I sit back and think how different the world is going to be if the Lord blesses me to see my old age? It must be a real sock for my grand folks to see how the world has changed thus far. Heck, when they got their first DVD player, oh about 3 years ago (10 years after the 1st one was put out) they really didn’t want it, but the family talked about them so much being so ol’school that they finally broke down and let one be brought for them. We had to explain that eventually the VCR is going to be obsolete and they fought and still till this day, if the local Blockbuster has any VCR movie best believe they are going to get them because the new thing just isn’t all that,is what they always say. Well, maybe the world hasn’t changed to them, but then again it may not be too far off from what it was.


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