My Life is terrible, Until………

You hear of some of the problems and issue some of your friends, family or just a complete stranger and then you realize “Shit ain’t that Bad”.  I sit back and hear of horrible things people are going through in their lives and things that are going on in the nation and be like damn.  People lives aren’t getting better, like on a whole, ya know.  People are going through it on a daily basis, especially during the holidays a lot of bad shit jumps off.  Why is that? Is it because people are having a hard time coping with the vices and ordeals of life?  It’s suppose to be a time of holiday spirits and happy feeling, Not in my life or hood.  Find your place and deal with it I guess.  Try not to place the world stress on your shoulders, you can’t carry that. Put it down, is the the best thing to do,right.  Yeah, until some bad shit knocks on your door, then what?  WOW!!!!!!  Then it’s all bad and now the shit has found you, what to do?  Do you wild out and do something stupid and get caught up or do try and cope?  It’s a terrible cycle, a spiral on the way down, ya know.  We are living in the last days, take that how you want to, I won’t go into that.  Just peep the days of our lives.


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