Hey my peoples, how was your Thanksgiving? Mine was GREAT, spent it with family, ate good and got LOADED!!!!!! Hey, I fried a Turkey, made some of my Nana’s cornbread dressing and fixed some collard greens and let me tell you it was like I was back home in da OH10, baby. The kids killed everything I was kind of mad about that. Check this out, I called my slow butt getting up and doing the Black Friday thing. Remember I told you I was LOADED, so I was still kind of tipsy when I got up at 4:30 in the A.M. to make it to Best Buy and Walmart because I wanted a Flat screen LCD. Then on top of it all I had to be at work at freaking 8 in the A.M. Man, I was on one, straight tripping. Do you I made it to the store in time, but me being still tipsy and so many people around me I became soooo freaking indecisive that I missed all the good sales and had to end up getting the 2nd tier items (like the TV’s on sale, but are little higher than the ones that everyone snatched up). It was a mad house and I’m sitting there looking stupid. Damn, that’s not the end of it tho’. I finally brought one I liked (mind you it’s the one I wanted in the first place) get it home and set it up and everything, two days later the motherfucka don’t want to cut on. Oh, HELL TO THE NAW!!!!!! Normally under those circumstances I would have lost it completely, but under my anger management class I have been taught to WOOOSAAAAA, A MOTHERFUCKA. So, I didn’t go off, I handled it like a G and took that damn thing back and go another with a service contract because if I didn’t and they were to be talking that madnees someone is going to need some WOOOOOSAAAAA’n other than me.


I don’t take anger management class, just messing with cha :), here alillte something for ya’ll.


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