Do you, baby. do you!!!!!!!!!!

Long time no hear folks, just droppin a line or 2 to let ya’ll know I’m still hear alive and kickin.  There’s a lot going on right now in the world that I really don’t know where to start.  Oh, have ya’ll seen “Why did I get married” by Tyler Perry.  This is an excellent movie for all to see, especially if you are married and going through the growing pains of it all.  Do you know that the rate of divorce have dropped a few percentages in the past 2 years to about 48% divorce rate in America?  This got me wondering on what is the rate of marriages that end in death and to my surprise it was right up there too, in the 45-50% range.  What that tells me is that “til death do us part” is a cornerstone of half the marriage out there, but also infidelity, adultery, monetary gains and trust issue all play an significant role as well.  In other words your damn if you do and damn if you don’t.  I really want to get married, I really do, but at what cost.  What am I going to have to compromise in order to have a meaning marriage to where it doesn’t end in divorce.  I only want to get married once, that’s it. No 3 or 4 marriages and shit, that’s crazy.  One of my biggest fears is that I may not ever be married and grow old and lonely.  Sounds crazy, but I think about that all the time.  Sure I have been close to walking down the isle, but something wasn’t right with that relationship.  Now I think I’m letting what happen in the past dictate how I enter into relationships now.  And that’s bad business because I know if I keep that up I probably will miss the one whose really for me.  Another catch 22.  Can’t win for losing, ya know. Well, until then I’ll try to be a good person for myself and my family.  You know,practice makes perfect and nothing perfect in this world.


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