Is Hip Hop Under Attack?

That seems to be the most entertaining question of today, Is Hip Hop under attached? After careful thought and reflection of days past I have came to the conclusion that YES it is. I say that to say this, for every action there is an equally and justifiable reaction, for every pro we have to have a con. America has always taken what it has created and turned it into something that is considered bad after they have been the one’s to benefit from it for a considerable amount of time. Slavery, for instants was a part of this county for nearly 400 hundred years and after the USA benefit the most out by becoming one of most powerful nations in the world from FREE LABOR now everyone is for human rights. Where were the human rights when my ancestors were building this country? Now, that we have took something that they said wasn’t going to last and made it into a billion dollar business we are the blame for the way the county is now? Oh really, we are the blame for all the murders and crime in the USA, but what about the WAR in Iraq that is going on, are we the cause of that too. Don’t be fooled people, the Hip Hop community is not the cause for all the ill’s of the country, we are not the reason why the crime rate is high, we are not the reason for high unemployment rate, we are not the reason for all the shootings in schools, we are not the ones who are bring all the drugs into the US. However, we are being made the scapegoat because it is easy for them to do. Let’s blame the one’s who are glorifying all the shooting , killing and drug dealings. As a matter of fact, let’s put all the blame on them because they are going to be too busy stunnin and going dumb that it’s going to be too late and the rap industry will be censored. Meanwhile, the entire music industry, movie industry and porn industry will continue to thrive and make billions just like they did before HIP HOP. Hmmmm, way before Hip Hop. So, they have doing the same exact thing even before Hip Ho[p became a billion dollar industry and will continue because young blacks aren’t the ones reaping the benefits from those industry’s. Then people wonder why artist are paranoid, it’s not by choice let me tell you that. Let me tell you why a young black multi-millionaire would need with an arsenal of machine guns because you never know whose out to get you, check this out:


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