Mid-life CRISIS

Whoever made up this bullshit should be put under the bus.  I must admit though that I have alway considered myself an ol’school type of guy, ya digg.  I’m sitting up here listening to some ol’school R&B and Rap.  You know that SWV, Kieth Sweat and JODECI.  I know I just gave my age, but I don’t give a damn.  I feel like I have been blessed to see the years of early 30’s.  A lot of my peers didn’t make it, so I take joy in being called ol’school by my younger counterparts.  See, I was raised in the CRACK era that came and destroyed not just my neighborhood , but many many neighborhoods around the county.  From that era brought high crime rates, high sexual disease rate and a high rate of crack babies (NO PUN INTENDED).  Now of the three, the most important are the crack kids, that are now the product of their society.  Leading to the continuing cycle of death and dishonesty, high crime rate and high sexual disease.  How an you break a cycle when the wool have been pulled over our eyes not to believe that there is a cycle to begin with?  As a matter of fact, it seems like those day of old are coming back.  The younger crowd are bring back fashions, sounds and feelings of the old days.  I just hope they learn from the ones who preceded them and not make the mistakes we make.  I always tell my son not to be like me, but be BETTER than me.  Set the bar high and if they fall be there to HELP pick up the pieces.  PEACE.


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