Dumbing it Down @#$%$#@…..

We are surround by bullshit nowadays, real talk. Everywhere I look see bullshit, I’m so frustrated with everything entertaining. From movies, music and art form are all bullshit. I guess it’s me getting old or better (depending on who you ask) and not really fallin for the same ol’ shit. Like all this about HIP HOP is dead and all these rappers out there trying to prove it isn’t with some wack ass shit. I mean we all got to eat, right but damn do we all have to dance like little jiggaboo’s and baffoon’s. It seems like the only thing that sells really, really well is that “Do this dance,do that dance” shit. I remember back when we had a very healthy dose of gansta rap, real hip hop and that dance shit, which is cool sometime, but damn. Can I hear some real shit sometime, can I hear somebody on the radio who isn’t talking bout wippin me down, pop-lockin-n-droppin-it or crankin somebodies solider boy (WFT) for those who don’t know, WHAT THE FUCK. A breath of fresh air that I found was a unknown group called the “THE COOL KIDS” and I know the name my sound corny, but the kids are dope. They take me back to the late eighties before crack took over the US. Check dem out @ myspace.com/gocoolkids.

Ok, back to the title of this blog, Lupe Fiasco go a song out called Dumbin it Down and here it it. But this is real hip hop cause he tellin the damn truth. Step your game up industry and stop watering down the art form that raised me. Hip Hop has a pulse, it has changed the world, but now it seems like it’s on life support and I know I’m not the only one who feels like this. Holla @ me, PEACE.


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