Just got the news that Micheal Vick has been indicted on the STATE level for dog fighting.  You know the news media put it on thick saying he could get up to 40 years.  Wow!!!!  That’s major, but we all know it’s not going to go down like that, for sure he’s going to get some time, but no where near the 40 years the media says.  Oh, and it gets worst.  He is being sue by the Bank of Canada for over 2.3 millions, yeah that’s right 2.3 millions because he will not have the loot to repay the loan he took from them to invest in real estate when he was the man.  Yeah, sure maybe he’s getting everything he deserves and maybe not, but one things is for sure and two thing for certain they are stickin it to his ass is a major way.  It’s not enough that his career is pretty much over and he will never be able to get the amount of money he once earned.  It’s not enough that he has pretty much lost everything he has worked for, no these folks want him destitute and living on the street when they are finished with him, wonder why?  I’ll tell you why because these are the same people who put him up there, the same people who made him feel above the law, the same people who he saw on his way up is the same people who he is seeing on the way down.  Don’t get me wrong, Michael Vick was dead wrong for doing what he done, but let the man pay his so-called price to society and get back to his life and career, don’t take everything from him like that, but wait this is something they have been doing for years to athletes and that’s building them up to tear them down for new worthiness.  Hope he hasn’t spent all his money.


One Response to “KICK ME WHILE I’M DOWN”

  1. It’s never going to be enough punishment for Vick. It’s a lot of people out there that want Vick’s life to be ruined. Serving a year in prison just isn’t enough I guess.

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