I know it’s been a long time

Hey world, how’s everything doing. I’m hear chillin at work doing my due diligence for this paper.  Anyhow, I really haven’t had anything to discuss or vent because everything is going GREAT.  Oh, I got to handle some business as far as my kids go, but that’s not in my hands, now.  However, everyone doing well on my side nothing to much happing, other than the world is going crazy as hell.  Sometime I sit back and think about those zombie movies where they take over the world and shit, I know I be trippin, but I don’t do drug.   And right now in this day and age we are living in that’s exactly what’s going on.  Devils are having their way with us and taking us slowly one by one.  So much trouble, anguish, injustice, corruption, death and dishonesty around us on a daily basis, it’s like I’m starting to expect the worst out of everything.  I just don’t know, but what I do know is that I will continue to pray and try to stay out of the way and bide my time.


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