A Day of Reflection 09/13/07

R.I.P TUPAC11 years ago this day someone close to all of us passed, this is someone we held close to out hearts, someone who opened our eyes to the problem of the past and the issues present, someone who told us it’s OK to be yourself, someone who inspired millions. This someone was Tupac Shakur.

In our lifetime we often can reflect on the past and say I can remember where I was when this or that happen, but I can remember at that point in time of my life that how I felt, what I was going through and how it made me stronger. I had Pac to listen to, I had Pac to let me know I wasn’t the only one felling it. For real, on everything Pac was my modern day Malcolm X, by any means necessary we will make it out these injustices of our time, one way or another we had a future to look forward to. R.I.P Pac PEACE


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