And I wonder if you know what it means?

I just been sitting back feeling this new Kayne West CD, the dude is a beast.  He will have you really sitting back thinking about some shit, ya digg.  The title of the subject for this blog has a lot to do with this thing we call life and I wonder if you know what it really means?  Sometime we can think and wonder why shit happen the way it does, maybe it’s Karma or something of that nature.  Whatever it maybe, what we fail to realize is that it was already written.  People say that they have total control of their lives, but if that was the case why would anyone have problems and struggles in life?  If we are in control then we are only human and everyone wants a great life for themselves, right.  So, later for that.  We all have to play our part and if you can’t then you will be benched.

I sit back and wonder what part of karma am I going through right now, what blessing did I block for not letting go of something someone did to me in the past.  Forgive and forget, right!  Easier said than done.  I made my bed and I’m lying in it too.  I can only do whats best for me and mind and in the process try to be a good dude, I guess.  I need my determination back, I think it’s coming.  Like I told my son the other night that sometime life throws things at you that you aren’t going to be prepared for and it’s up to us to either run from it or run towards it.  I don’t know what his choice will be, but I’m running towards it.  Inflict a little pain myself, ya digg.


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