I have been totally blown back by the news I just received. Shaquille O’Neal has filed for divorce from his with Shaunie of 5 years. Here’s the link:

Did you read that, Shaq states that The marriage between the parties is irretrievably broken and that she has “secretive about her assets … particularly with respect to certain properties owned or titled in either her name alone or in other entities.” He wants the court to order Shaunie to give a “correct accounting of all money, funds, stocks, bonds, and other securities (including bearer securities)” that she came into during the marriage. WHOA!!!!!!

Here’ my thing, I know Shaq has millions upon millions of dollars and all and I know that whatever she has obtain during their marriage might be a drop in the bucket for him, but we’re talking about the PRINCPLE of the matter. That is her husband who for all intersive purposes take care of his family in only ways us mortals can dream of, so if you have a husband or wife for that matter who is open and has included you in all finacial matters concerning the family, why wouldn’t you give them the same satifaction? Don’t be keeping shit secret and especially if it’s a stipulation of the prenuptial. You’re freaking crazy, obvisoulsy he doesn’t trust her and feeling like something has been kept from him that he should have know about. Some people just don’t get this shit, it’s all so simple. Stop being petty, stop lying about shit to the person you SUPPOSEDLY LOVE, because in the end we are suppose to be in it together.

Sometime I sit back and think about the possiblity of me getting married one day, and that’s something I really want, but at what cost. Will I have to sacrafice my belifes and way of living for someone else, would they do the same for me. Will one day I find out that hey, you’ve been lying to me all this time about something that is soooooooooo freaking petty that it shouldn’t be brought up in the same conversational content of a relationship. There are 3 things that can TRASH a relationship maritally or not: MONEY, TRUST AND PERSONAL AGENDA’S. Money because of course it’s the root to all evil and now-a-days your own mama will stab you in the back if she knew she could get ahead, not literally speaking, but you know what I mean. Trust because if you don’t have trust you have nothing in the so-called relationship you’re in, trust is the foundation for any relationship. Last, but not least, personal agenda for one’s own use, what are you really in it for? Could it be for money, respect, a child or all the above, what are you getting from this relationship? Everyone wants something, but me I just want what comes with LOVE.


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