Define LOVE:

How can you tell someone loves you? Is it the way they actually say it or is it they way they treat you. Is it the things they do for you or is it just a feeling you have. It could be material in nature, the buy me this and I’ll do this, shit for all that we might as well leave it in it’s purest form of pimpin and ho’n and don’t let LOVE come into play. For me I think it’s a combination of all the above. I know I always have to be difficult, but that’s just me. I was raised in a my family where we were taught to show our love, affection and respect to all parties involved. I know some people where not raised like that, but I’m not siting here judging others and their families all I’m saying is this when someone is telling you that hey I’m not feeling what you are putting out there. You say you love me, but your actions speaks louder than your words. How do you really, really, without a shadow of a doubt know when someone loves you? You really don’t unless your heart is telling YOU so. See, we as humans have this thing called intuitions, some label it as female intuition when they just feel it in their soul somethings not right or when someone is being truthful or when someone loves them, TOTALLY and UNCONDITIONALLY. Everyone has it though, everyone whose is in their right mind knows when something is good and when something is bad. When someone is lying or telling the truth. When someone loves you or when someone is being untrustworthy. Do you hear that little voice in your head saying “somethings not right” or “damn, I’m in love”. Which ever voice you hear more often than not, is probably the one you should be listening to. I’m going to end this one off with this, I continue to try and figure out my place in your life, but I keep getting stoned-walled in the process because you weren’t taught how to love or I’m not the one you are truly in love with, someday I may know the answer until then ‘WHAT THE FUCK EVER’. PEACE, I’m tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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