What’s up…

Just checkin in with cha! Same ‘ol, same ‘ol over this way, just a different day. Man, I got to stop drinking so much or something, I can feel myself becoming an alcoholic. I got to chill because that’s not cool. I got to get a control of my vices, some are more harder than others. I don’t want ya’ll thinking I get blasted everyday or something like that, I may have a night cap on a daily basis, but it seems that just one drink is really getting me there and beyond. Here’s an idea, maybe if I drink more I can build up my tolerance so I won’t get tipsy as fast. Naw, then I’ll be in the AA meeting like “Hello, my name is Steve and I’m an alcoholic”, although I do believe I’m in need of some therapy, not just that kind. Some people say that one on one time with a therapist or psychiatrist is good for the soul because lets face it we all have skeleton’s in our closets that are probably the main reasons why we can’t grow as people in the world. People don’t realize that how you were raised as a child and the things that may have happen to you when you were growing up has a profound effect on the way your are now. Well, for now my therapist is Duck and Jack-n-Coke, Duck is my best friend and you can imagine who Jack is. The funny thing is many people thing Duck is crazy, off the rocker type of a guy, wait he really is off his fucking rocker, but sometime you know when you have a moment of clarity in your life and everything seem so clear now. Well, Duck had one of those moments here recently and what he told me made a hell of a lot of sense. He said “You can’t blame a person for the WAY the were raised and brought up, but you can blame them for not trying to acknowledge the fault in their ways”. WOW!!!!! That made so much sense and it is so obvious and simple. So some times we may not need to look to far to find some issues and the link to the past that was the foundation of the issues in the first place, what we have to do is accept it and move forward and let it go. I’m going to leave you with a quote from T.D. Jake’s “You can’t embrace your future, if you can’t let go of the past”. Hey, also check Rev Run’s Word of the Day link. Peace.


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