Truth be told…..

TRUTH BE TOLD I sit back and wonder what I should and shouldn’t write on my blog to avoid hurting people feelings, TRUTH BE TOLD I want to say things that I know could help release some of my frustration and sadness, but keep them to myself because trying to be a good man, friend , brother, uncle, nephew, son and father. TRUTH BE TOLD I know it won’t work no matter how much we try to fool ourselves, no matter how hard we try, something’s not right. TRUTH BE TOLD we are just bidding our time until the CONVENIENCE of it all is worn thin and someone let’s go. TRUTH BE TOLD I want you in a very special way, but you won’t let me maybe because of your own indiscretions. TRUTH BE TOLD you don’t have the time to be trippin off what someone is doing that you don’t have love for, stressing yourself over a woman who cares nothing about you or herself. TRUTH BE TOLD I would be a liar if I said I was happy, it may look like it on the outside, but on the inside I feel like I’m being played, I feel it. TRUTH BE TOLD I’m being misused and abused, but I guess this is my karma rearing it’s ugly head. A lot is going on in my life and this is an outlet for all of stress associated with it.


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