The things people do…..

What people do for money?  People will do any and everything for that might green dollar.  People will sale their souls, kids and clothes for that dollar.  My people, my people when will we wake up , when will we come to realize that the vices we hold close to us are the vices that will destroy us.   We were giving the ability to choose the things that go on in our life, we might not have had too much choice when we were kids, but as adults you have all the power in the world to do what you want to with your life.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t knock anyones hustle because maybe that was me once upon a time.  However, I was blessed to make the right decisions about certain life changing events in my life.  Am I the all high and mighty? No, not by any means.  I have seen what these street can and will do for you?  Yes, I have first hand knowledge of this.  All I can do is talk to you and the young kids coming up seeing the same thing I did when I was their age.  Don’t let your heart desires control how you live your life because sometimes your desires will be your downfall.


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