Good Weekend

OK, so I had a great weekend.  Although it didn’t start off that way, it ended that way.  It was a very stressful weekend with all the things going on in my life.  You know it’s so easy for people not in your shoes to say “Don’t stress” about something that your stressed about, I mean I even catch myself giving that very shallow advice.   It’s not meant to be the  answer for all of your questions, but to give a false sense of looking at the end result.  The actual process of getting to the “ends to the mean” is the part that we have to go through.  Messed up huh, but they say that’s LIFE.   I really got to work on myself and not worry about other things that I KNOW I don’t have control over.  There are certain things that I want in life and out of life that I want to work towards, but I can honestly say that I’m the type of person who wants to share those things with someone I love.  I don’t want to grow old and lonely, I want to share my life with someone who wants to share theirs.  That’s all I want.  Many people associate happiness with material and monetary needs, how much a person acquires is how they measure their happiness.  In my opinion you are setting yourself up for failure because all it’s going to take to make you unhappy is you losing you job, unexpected medical bills or even a bad accident.  Anyway, I’m just trying to adjust and maintain this thing we call life.  Hey look out for an essay I’m going to be putting out called the “The theory on Needs and Wants”.  This is an idea I had for a while that I wanted to work on.  Until next time folks, Peace.


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