That is such a fitting phrase because once you take that step into the unknown and you find something you been looking for it’s like you want more, you got to find more and you keep searching and searching until you find the answer you were looking for. Good or bad, it’s just like another saying, keep looking for something and you just might find it. So true , so true. Well, I’m just here stressed the hell out, confused, wanting answers. Feeling betrayed and played like a fool. Sometimes I wonder if the people that you are around like friends, family and associates when they look at you what do they see. See people are not crazy, they act like they are. People know more than what they perceive to know, but it’s just not their place to let you know it. Oh yeah, I been here before plenty of times and it wasn’t my place to let the one who feeling suppose to have meant the most know what the deal was. No instead I let the feel them pain that was planned for them from the start. Just like everyone else and looked them in the face when the TRUTH came out, like hey I’m sorry but that’s the way it is because it wasn’t my place to tell you the TRUTH.

Being played for a fool is not a good feeling, but it even worst when you have been TRUTHful with the people around you, you have giving all you have and still there no TRUTH, no respect, just lies and emptiness for all that you have done. I feel like an actor in a movie and all the people in my life are playing their parts and I’m keep acting out the wrong scene, something not right. I keep telling myself, something just not right. So I become CURIOUS and want to know why things are not right. Am I wrong for wanting to know the TRUTH, am I wrong for wanting to see the light, am I wrong for wanting to feel whole and complete, am I wrong for feeling like something is wrong. Maybe, maybe not doesn’t matter what I do know is that SOMETHING GOTS TO GIVE because I’m about to lose it.


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