Don’t you hate when people accuse you of things that you know are not true. I hate that with a passion, that was one of my main reasons for leaving a previous situation and to this day I’m am still being accused and all I’m trying to do is take care of my responsibility. It’s amazing how bitter a person can become because of the mistakes they have made themselves, never to take responsibility for their actions and always pointing the finger at someone else. Not totally accepting the fact that the same reasons why I left, are the same reasons why I’m glad I left. That new R.Kelly sound where he is on the phone going off sums it all up in a nutshell for me.

I am going through it now-a-days, trying to keep my head up and not STRESS, but in this world we live in today anything can happen even if you are being sincere and genuine. I’ve known some men who could care less about their children, let alone pay child support and spend time with them and they are not getting sent through the ringer with “them folks” and the BM’s. Then you got the fathers that do care and are in the child’s life financially and emotionally where “them folks” and the BM are all down his back. It’s crazy, this thing we call the “New Age Family” because there are so many aspects to it that one has to deal with on a constant basis. I’m not one to point all the blame, I did make some mistakes myself, but I have learned to live with them and never try to regret them in the process and move on with my life. Some of us can’t do that, some of us let our bitterness and vengefulness get the better of us and in the long run you’re the unhappy one. You’re the one whose going to look up and notice that you are by yourself with no one to love and no one giving love back to you. Let it go, it’s over. Get on with your life, move on!!! Doesn’t that sound like the right thing to do, for a sane person. Boy, I tell you this part of my life is called “BABY MAMA DRAMA” FO REAL.


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