Great Weekend

Hey all, just dropping you a few lines because I haven’t been able to spill any beans here lately.  I had a GREAT WEEKEND with my family.  We did somethings together that we will always remember and I really enjoyed myself and love having those memories to cherish forever.  No, No there’s no juicy things going on, just chillin ya know doing it moving.  Can’t really complain right now, this pass weekend really opened my eyes to spend time with the ones you love.  Seeing the look on my kids face, waking up to fresh morning air outside in the woods.  That was great.  I recommend that every little chance you get to take advantage of getting out of the daily groove.  You know, the everyday grind of work and home life, take it and enjoy that to the fullest.

Oh snap! Before I forget, most people put how good of a parent you are by the amount of money you give or how much material things you buy, but in all actuallity what people fail to realize is that yeah it takes monetary substances to raise a child, but the most important is the amount of TIME being spent with that child, that’s what the child is going to remember when you ass is old and need of some help.  Not how many pairs of Air Jordan’s 23’s you brought them.  I know it’s a touchy subject and I know in this day and age that it take a lot to raise a child, but the key word is raise, NOT BUY.  My grandparents to this day say “SPARE THE ROD, SPOIL THE CHILD.  SPOIL THE CHILD, THE CHILD WILL MAKE A FOOL OF YOU.”  All this buying your child’s happiness and things of that nature is crazy.  I see it everyday parents buying, buying, buying.  However, who is raising that child when you have to work like a Hebrew slave to get this material things, who raising this child when you’re out shopping and spending the money to make this child feel happy or to make yourself look good.  It’s not YOU because you are out sugar coating how a child is really suppose to be raised.  You know I’m a true believer in that three basic necessities in life and what everyone really needs to survive and they are: Food, Shelter and Clothing.  Awww, but wait that’s what everyone needs.  A child needs what money can’t buy and that’s: Love, Time, Affection, Discipline and Motivation.  Now think about that for a minute and I’ll get back cha on the flip side.  YEAH!!!!!!!!!


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