I’m Still here

Well, from my little tantrum yesterday you can see I’m still alive and kickin.  I wasn’t snuffed out as of yet.  Anyway, still the same issue, but just a different day.  Today’s a little better though, can’t imagine why?  However, I did drown some of my sorrow’s with an old friend called JACK.  He’s been there for me on a number of different occasions.   Aw, the joy of washing your problems away.  In all actuality, that shit only make you forget it during the time your passed out and when you awake from your drunkenness your problems are still there kicking you in your ass along with the headache and hang over you have.  Sometime we just can’t win for loosing.  It’s a sad, sad, cruel world.  Well, tomorrow is another day and I pray that I live to see it.  PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!


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