A freak like me

Sometime I wonder about how much of a freak I am. I mean it’s not on my mind constantly, but I’ll say about 30% of the time I’m thinking about sex. I wonder if I were being satisfied would I be thinking about it so much. Thinking about all the things I really want to do and having a female who is just as excited about it as me, a female who is not afraid of letting themselves go into ecstasy and doing whatever comes to mind. I feel bottle up, withheld, closed in, restrained, restricted and damn just cock-strong. How can I explain how I feel, ummmmm let’s see I feel like exploding, really I do. I really feel like just lashing the hell out and letting the one who is SUPPOSE to be there to take care of these things for me and with me and just saying YOU’RE NOT SATISFYING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or do I just hold it in and wait for them to come finally come around? I don’t like to feel like I cannot do what I really want to do in the bed. Don’t get me wrong it’s nothing immoral or anything like that, I just don’t want to feel restricted, I don’t like to have to fight, unless we’re acting out some type of fantasy or something. I’m in hand cuffs here and my gonads are paying the price. Wanna here something funny, why is it that most times when you do have that one person whose does match up to your sex drive is the one who you can’t even stand or is NO GOOD for you period. How funny is that? But that’s usually how it goes. The bottom line is this, I just need a female who needs me. Who wants me just as much as I want her and right now I’m not getting that. It’s like I can feel the love , but I’m not being LOVED!!!!!!! That’s the difference between”Having Love for someone” and “Being in LOVE with someone”.


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