Pace yourself, pace yourself. Remember when you where a teenager and you wanted everything to go so fast. I mean you ate fast, spoke fast, talked fast. Rushing our way to adulthood. I bet you can also remember someone like your mother telling you take your time, don’t rush to get old…. Hmmmm, Oh! snap that’s a song. Mama use to say. Anyway, I can remember those days so vividly now and wish I had taken my time because this shit right here we call life rushed in like task force on your ass and don’t even ask “Would you like some Vaseline?” I wish I would have listen, boy I tell you. For the most part I did because I had one of those type mothers who did not play at All. I rarely got a pass, com on ya’ll know what a PASS is. Well, for those of you who don’t a PASS is when you know you did something wrong or weren’t suppose to do and got caught doing it and you mother and/or father let you slide. See in my case, I got 1 of 2 things and sometimes depending how she felt that day I might have gotten both. An ass whipping or punishment and let me tell you sometime I wish I had a choice because her punishments where the real deal. An ass whipping only last for a minute, her punishment lasted for months and that’s because I would always get caught doing some other shit and add on a week or two every time. So, I would start with 2 weeks grounded, I got a friend who use to they were “grounded”, that was so funny to me. Of course your ass is grounded, shit we all are. Anyway, I never got a pass on being reprimanded by my moms, I got what she called a “build up”, Pay attention, this is some funny shit. If I got in trouble and she felt it didn’t call for her to whip me or put me on punishment, she would defiantly cuss me out and say “OK, keep it up. You’re just building up to the big one” and cold part about it was that she was serious because when I couldn’t place another brick on that building of an ass whipping I was creating all hell broke loose. Maybe, that’s the reason why I wanted to rush my teenage years, hell maybe that’s the reason we all want to get out. To stop getting our ass whipped, but what they never tell you or we might have not been listening to was that once you are grown that ass whipping get worse and don’t stop. I bet you wish you were back at your parents house now.


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