This World is Crazy as Hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I sit back and I look at the news, read the article on the internet and some  time even read the news paper.  To my dismay I found out that the world is going freaking crazy!  People are doing horrible things to each other everyday and the people of the world are the victims and the audience of these horrific acts.  Innocent children and infant are being hurt in drastic numbers, passer-byers are catching stray bullet from someone pistol.  Oh! let’s not talk about what the hell our government is doing to help the matter, absolutely nothing, in fact it’s safe to say that they are the one to blame.  I know it may be a stretch to blame them for everything in the world, but you better know the ripple-effect was in place and they sure got a hand in everything.  Directly, maybe not. Indirectly, you better believe it.  Why, why do we have to be so into everything, why can’t we just take care of the issues that we have here at home like homelessness, health care, Medicare for the elderly, immigration reform just to name a few.  Why can’t we just mind our business and handle what’s really important, us.  These pass 8 years have seen a drastic increase in violence versus the 8 years before that.  Wonder why?  Anyhow, it seems like the powers that be love to see a world that is on the verge of exploding.  Can’t you just feel it?  I feel something bad is going to happen.  I just feel something in the air, don’t know what it is, but hopefully we can recover and make the necessary changes in the aftermath.


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