Monday, Monday, MONDAY!!!!!!!!

Awwwwww, another weekend blow’d in the wind, let’s do it again.  Happy Monday folks, isn’t life beautiful?  I was just sitting here just thinking what would life be like if I would have made different choices.  Would I have ended up in the same place I’m at now or would I been at another place in my journey.  It’s a trip how the choice we make in our life basically creates a groove in the road that remains until the end.  People can make changes, but will it be to late in the end?  Everyone says “Learn from your mistakes” and “Change is good”, but if your take so many precautions not to make mistakes in your life and never change with the times, then where does that leave you?  Stuck in a time and left behind not understanding the world you’re in.  Some of the most famous and riches people in the world took a chance to get where they’re at now or for that matter where they are at in history.  I remember a man who came in the name of his father who set to change the world back then,  he threw caution to the wind and had faith in what he was told.  He represented change and precaution at  the same time, I think that’s called faith.  Think about it, to believe  in something so hard and true not caring about the possibly of failing in life because you believe in something that’s bigger than you.  This is my logic in it all, I rather believe now and find out later that it’s not real later, than not believe at all and find out HE is real and suffer the consequences.  Peace and LOVE!!!!!!!


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