Good morning world, how’s your day so far. Mine? You ask, just freak peachy. I bet your wondering why is the title of this blog “kom-pri-hen-shuhn” well it’s a way to see if people are really paying attention and understanding the “WORDS THAT ARE COMING OUT OF MY MOUTH”. For those of you who are on 30 second delay the word is “COMPREHENSION”. This big word is something that we were taught in 7th grade English, maybe even 1st grade if you went to a good school. It’s the capacity of the mind to perceive and understand, the power to grasp ideas and the ability to know(Dictionary.com). You couldn’t possiblily think I could come up some something like that. With all that being said, let me get to my point. I wasn’t the smsartest kid in class and I didn’t always catch on fast and sometime I didn’t even pay attention, but that was as a child. From my understanding of the world or should I say from the time I thought I had an understanding the world, I knew that you had to grasp the things that were being told to you, that’s something my mother pounded into my head, to have an understanding. However, inorder to have understanding you have to knowledge and wisdom, if not everything would be for not. Ok, Ok here’s my issue, I really have a problem with people who you give good sound advice to and they suppose to take it in and process the information you gave them in good faith and then turn around and fault you because you know in your heart it is the right thing for them to do at that time becuse maybe it would maybe better their chances in life. Only to have them come back to you and tell you a conversation they had with someone else telling them the exact samething you told them weeks before and them taking it like it’s was a quote from the Bible, smiles and all. See, I’m the type that will dump on you for that. Don’t have someone take my shine, although no one can actually take my shine because I’m blessed, but it’s the principle of the matter Smokie. I mean they really be all excited like they just heard that stuff for the first time and S@!$. What? Are you kidding me, you mean to tell me that what I told you just went in one ear and out the other, but someone OH! My fault, they started in the 1st grade. Told you the same exact thing and you can throw it up in the air and it’s sunshine. WOW, that’s why from now on, I’m going to keep my advise to myself becuz it’s not worth the disappointment on both parties. Holla @ you all 2morrmow, PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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