Hello world!

bakerboi.jpgThis is officially my first blog, what it do tho! I’ve been looking for an outlet to get some things off my chest for a while now. Imagine this there is a place where you can express your thoughts and anyone can peek into someones world from afar. WOW!!!! It’s amazing. Well, enough of being a bushy eyed tourist (as looking up at all of the tall buildings). Let’s start getting down to business.

Well, today I think I’m going to start off by saying what the hell was those Ref’s looking at the whole Warriors vs. Jazz series (their home crowd and the ref’s). The Warriors were being jumped the whole serious, I say jumped because when your in a battle or a fight and you go one on one that’s considered a fair fight, but when your adversary goes and gets their friends and family to help in kicking your ass then thats a different story. Your being JUMPED. The Warriors had to deal with the Jazz bullies scratching, pushing, elbowing their way to win games, but when the Warriors began to fight back and get aggressive with them, the commentators and everyone started to make the Warriors look like they were the ones who are wrong. Nothing to say about the fan (They did what they are suppose to do). However, the NBA ref’s suck big time. EYES WIDE SHUT, is the only way to explain the lack of calling a good game. The only game that the ref’s could have came close to calling a good game was game 3 and that’s only because the Warriors blew the Jazz out of the water and didn’t give the Ref’s a chance to make the terrible calls the made all series. Dave Stern (NBA Commissioner)has made the game something that is not desirable. He gave the ref’s the power to change the outcome of the games. The NBA is starting to really suck, it’s not the same as before when all the greats we playing and battling. Mr. Stern has handicapped the game and I don’t know if it can be restored to being the GREATEST SHOW ON THE ROAD!!!!!!!!!!!!


One Response to “Hello world!”

  1. yvonne ericks Says:

    Your crazy!

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